Professional Athletes

Our Sport brand of choice is Asics, and for good reason. When we look at footwear we look at how it is made and what benefit it...



Size does not matter! It is only a number. Every foot is unique and requires a detailed analysis before any attempt is made to fit footwear.



Always an efficient and professional service. We have been buying shoes from here for over 8 years and never had cause to complain.




WELCOME TO Precious Soles

Welcome to August! With this being the busiest month of the year a bit of admin for you all. Our Thursday opening will start on the 11th August and run until September 8th. We would please request that you bring socks for yourselves/children over the course of this month, we do have some that we can use but there is a limited supply and the correct size is not always available. On most days we will have 3 fitters working all day, while this means we will be able to reduce any queue quickly we will give all customers all the time they require for a correct and accurate fitting. On a final note, as of today we would please ask you to avoid consuming sticky and crumbly food in the shop (rice-cakes, crips, biscuits, raisins). Thank you, and see you soon!


Precious Soles is a unique retailer committed to providing the highest standards in the fitting of footwear.


Over the past 14 years our range of footwear has expanded from Start-Rite children's shoes to a multi-brand range that caters for both children and adults, in formal, casual, sporting, medical and seasonal footwear.


The Team

Peter Varnavas MSSF (Member of the Society of Shoe Fitters)


Peter has been a member of the Society of Shoe Fitters for 12 years. His no compromise approach to foot health and footwear fitting has resulted in Precious Soles having a nation-wide catchment area, as well as recognition from some of the worlds leading Health Care Professionals (HCP’s) in Paediatrics, Podiatry and Physiotherapy.